TouristGuide.Asia is an online travel sites developed in 2011 with implementations of new ideas, goals and mission towards the tourism industry. Infinity Vacation Sdn Bhd has become the corporate name for TouristGuide.Asia as we have been in the tourism industry since 2011.

Keeping the mission to ' Build The world's largest Travel Network ', TouristGuide.Asia into a single platform to find the best travel deals, discounts, and the best facilities to all travelers, with zero investment on Member’s registration, in order to make everybody travel without concerning on budget. This is actually the first of this kind in the world where it helps travelers, to get unlimited points, which later can be converted to hotel reservations, flights, travel packages and other services. TouristGuide.Asia is a best platform for those who love travelling with friends, family or just want to go on their own. TouristGuide.Asia is here to make travel cheaper, affordable and even free!

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